How I Quit My Job and Became an IIN Certified Health Coach!

Exactly one year ago, I found myself in a rut. We were amidst a global pandemic and I couldn’t feel more unstable in my life. One thing that the pandemic forced me to do was really take a hard look at who I was and what I wanted my life to look like going forward.

Some career background on me: I entered a pageant and was crowned Miss Malaysia at 16 years old. I then went to college to study Media Broadcasting and even interned at a local LA TV station. I decided I wanted to pursue acting, and took a leap of faith and went full speed ahead pursuing the career. Shortly after, I started experiencing chronic migraines which then led me down a dark hole of many chronic illnesses. After years of trying to self cure and going to hundreds of doctors, I found a preventive medication, diet, and lifestyle that worked for me and went from 25 migraine days a month to only 2. With my newfound health, I tried to find a career that was “work from home” friendly because I was anxious my health problems would come back. I then started working for a Digital Marketing company and then went on to work for a Fashion PR company which all leads back to last year sitting in my apartment contemplating my career.

As we started to see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel regarding COVID, our governor was finally allowing employees to come back to the office for work and my boss offered me the full time position. Something in me felt like that wasn’t the path that was going to lead me to happiness and fulfillment in my career. After self-curing and basically completely changing my life I had several people tell me that I should look into the wellness field. I always smiled and said thank you but that’s not what I want to do in life. Prior to COVID, my dreams consisted of entertainment, film, and marketing. After COVID I realized that I can use all the skills that I have learned and obtained through my various careers in life and put it into my own business, while helping others and creating a career that I had always dreamed of.

I researched for weeks trying to find the the perfect school that I could get an accredited certification from when I stumbled across IIN!

After reading various blogs of women who had graduated from the program and reading about how they were able to transform their lives and careers, I knew I found the perfect fit.

I enrolled in the 6-month accelerated program excited to learn and get started with my new career. I had the BEST experience at IIN, and I’m so incredibly happy that I decided to go with them for my certification! Not only did I meet so many like-minded women and created life-long friendships, I learned SO much and felt so confident in starting my new career as a Health Coach.

If you’re struggling like I was in finding your career path and have a love for health and wellness and helping people, I highly recommend checking out the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.


Make sure to mention my name (Sofia Klof) when you enroll for a special discount!